KRYPTONITE FOR MIGRAINES(marijuana and migraines)

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marijuana and migraines(kryptonite for severe headaches) i use to have a big problem with migraine headaches, i would get them at least 3 to 4 times a week, or at least 7 in a months time, and most of the time it would start out of nowhere usually if i got a wiff of a bad annoying smell, or if it gets to hot or cold, or by being in one spot or place for too long. Everyone has there own migraine stories mine date back all the way since i was middle school and up-and it started with smells as a kid i would get nausiated if i smell watermelon- yes watermelon i remember eating it as a kid and i got sick and threw it up since then if my mom bought it i knew a headaches was coming-everyone loved it in my house and i was the odd one who had to be in the other room when they ate it-and it got worse and worse even without cutting it open i could smell it and start getting nausea and then the pounding headaches started kicking in til mom realized that i had a PROBLEM-as the years went by i knew something was wrong any headache medicine i took did not relieve me from the ripping headache always on the side of my temples it would switch sides regularly-so i decided the best thing was to stop taking meds and sleep was the next answer-to this day when i get a headache i dont take pills-ill just sweat it out and sleep-but in between that time around 21-i was at a party in college and i had a splitting headache and i hadnt drank a thing or never did drugs but i would smoke an occasional marlboro light-a friend came over and saw i wasnt doing well and offered me a puff i thought to myself maybe it will help me get to sleep faster and forget on my way home- so fell under pressure but a sudden change happened after a couple of puffs and 3 to 4 coughs the nausea was going away along with the pounding thumps in my temples that is when i found out i had a solution to my chronic headaches and other things i missed out on-and since then i have controlled my headaches and at the age of 29 for the last eight years i can say i probably had 20 - 25 migraine headaches-earlier this year i made a resolution to quit smoking weed even though i havnt had a migraine since 2008-but i still get a lil nausea smelling watermelon but no migraine headache-for years i have called watermelon my kryptonite or torture mechanism but when marijuana came into my life i knew i had found the cure(solution)-and i didnt smoke everyday like some of you would think no i did it gradually i would put some away for when i needed it-and what is crazy about the whole thing is in high school i despised drugs i always told my dad and my brother i would never smoke that stuff because i always heard wierd or far out sroties about using and i also wanted to one up my dad and bro because they smoked everyday even when my dad passed in 2003 of cancer he still smoked marijuana and it would help him when was feeling bad or nausea and i have to say in between that time me and my dad and my bro were a lot more closer. Now, im not saying that smoking bud is a solution for anyone or any drugs period-but i tested the waters because tylenol, or the leading migraine medicine Excedrine didnt work-but i dont think i am the only migraine getter that has found the solution-im think there should be more research done with maurijuana and migraines and i know there would be a lot of people wanting to be test dummies. I have more on my testimonial about this subject but i would end up writing a whole auto-biography so feel free to respond and let me know what you thought of my lil bio.

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  • mosweeny
    mosweeny September 4, 2011 at 9:48 pm   

    yep - MJ is a big help for me. now i live in japan where the drug laws are super strict. my migraines have increased in number and severity since i've been here and not had it.
    it helped me be less anxious, less tense, and really helped with constipation. i've started seeing more studies about it on PubMed - so hoping the US will start seeing the value in it.

  • missmego
    missmego October 20, 2010 at 12:36 am   

    it works also for pain, it lowers body temp if u fever daily, and great for nausea when u have lil or no appetite, this drug has a bad image BUT it is a good drug and plant in more ways than I have time to write. Want to lean more about the truth on marijuana watch the Union the business of getting high,please educate yourself!…

  • milkmanswinger
    milkmanswinger August 23, 2010 at 11:42 am   


  • Jenxoxo
    Jenxoxo July 20, 2010 at 5:44 pm   

    I actually find this really interesting. Both marijuana and hemp (both varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant and both illegal to grow in the US) are anti-inflamatory. If you think about a migraine in that it is the inflammation of the ventricles, an anti-inflamatory substance could work for some people. Unfortunately there are no studies to back it up. Regardless, you can buy at least hemp products (you just can't grow the actual plant legally). I myself enjoy hemp milk on occasion (you can buy it at Whole Foods). It would be interesting to see if regular intake of hemp milk helped you in any way. Hmm.

  • wish2bpainfree
    wish2bpainfree September 2, 2010 at 11:17 am   

    I used to be a weed smoker back in the day and actually would make my migraines way worse, it also caused me more anxiety and panic attacks as well, interesting…