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I have had migraines since I was about 14yo. I am now 37 and have chronic daily migraines. I was on Topamax for about 4 years and it worked great (but did get a kidney stone), but stopped working about 6 months ago. I have been off Topamax for about 4 months. I have tried elavil, lexapro, propanalol none of which help. I use Fiorinal and Maxalt for abortive treatment since I have to go to work every day. I think these also cause som rebound headaches. I have gone very few days in the last 6 months with out a migraine. I am miserable. I have been to a neurologist, a pain dr and a holistic dr (I am on some kind of herbal supplements now and off dairy she recommended- no change). I am nauseous and have a migraine. I need some advice on how to deal with this…!

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  • Rootbeer Fizzies
    Rootbeer Fizzies January 4, 2011 at 11:43 am   

    I have had them for years as well, sometimes daily, sometimes stress triggered, weather triggered, food or smell triggered. I can no longer take Aspirin products due to taking so many Aspirins and Aspirin products over the years I have a sensitivity to them. I was taking "Alka-seltzer" dropped in a glass of "Sprite" (which really helped alot) or taking "Excederine Migraine" But I now must use another way, which is a gel ice pack (keep 4 in freezer 24/7) Put it on your neck. I put "Head-On" or "Sombra Natural Pain Gel" on my forehead, and then just try to stay in cool dark place, and only drink something like "Sprite, or Ginger Ale". If you have any caffiene type pills "NoDoze" etc, that can help as well. I still go through the chills, the nauseated feeling for a few hours or more, but the intensity is so much lower it is do-able and never seems to get to the toilet hugging experience any longer. I also lay on couch/bed/recliner with a roll type pillow under the ice pack that helps my head/neck as well. When I do try to eat something, I start with dry white toast and more of the soda until I am able to eat more.

  • Jenxoxo
    Jenxoxo September 8, 2010 at 9:10 pm   

    Oh it hurts me to read what you wrote about your migraines. I’m so sorry you are suffering like you are. It sounds like you’ve tried just about everything. I am just going to put down a few thoughts to see if anything sparks your attention:

    You said you’ve tried cutting out dairy from your diet and didn’t see any improvement with your migraines. Have you had your blood taken and tested for food allergies? If you haven’t, this is a must do. You could be allergic to yeast, gluten or a number of things. You should at least rule out any food allergies.

    From your history with migraines, you’re overall body system has probably been compromised. You should see an experienced deep tissue massage therapist that specializes in Structural Integration, also known as “Rolfing.” These sessions can be painful, but deep tissue massage, if done correctly, can realign your body, release toxins and alleviate stress, all things that can cause migraines. I have also heard about another natural way of healing migraines called “Visionary Craniosacral Work,” which is a soothing, noninvasive, hands-on therapy that many trained massage therapists can do. Let me know where you are located and I will try to find a referral for you.

    Have you had your heart tested for a PFO (hole in the heart)? I’ve had migraines since my childhood and as it turns out had a large hole in my heart. There is a big connection between people with migraines and holes in the heart. You need to see a cardiologist who can give you a “bubble test.” You cannot see a PFO in an echocardiogram.

    What about acupuncture? I saw improvements with my migraines by doing several sessions of acupuncture. I also took natural herbs as part of my acupuncture sessions and the point of the herbs is to clean out your liver. If your liver is filled with toxins, that can cause migraines.

    Stress management is also key. If you are like me, having a migraine means more stress, because now you have to get things done while you’re in pain. It’s a vicious cycle. I go to a yoga class once a week to try and alleviate the stress in my life and it helps to bring me more balance. I highly recommend this approach!

    Hydration! I once heard that 60% of physical problems could be cured if people hydrated themselves properly. This means drinking lots of water. Take your weight, divide by two and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day. When you are dehydrated, a number of problems can occur including fatigue and migraines.

    Let me know if you have any follow-up questions for me. If I learn about anything new, I will let you know. Hang in there!


  • Jessecro
    Jessecro December 25, 2010 at 9:26 pm   

    From my experience, though I dont experience migrains nearly as often as you, I would definately try the massage therapy Jen talked about. Im 23, my first migraine was when I was about 14 too and my dad would sit beside me in bed and give me a firm face and head massage (Which I still persuade him to do to this day :) ) He focuses on the softer spots of my head (almost like small indented channels, about a fingers width) and around my eyes. This helps with pain dramatically, however it doesnt help aura at all. I understand that you cant lay around every day getting massages :) being that you have migrains vary frequently and taking a day or two off work a month wouldnt solve your delima. However from my experience PROFESSIONAL massage therapy sounds like a good possibility to solve/relieve your problem. Ill be praying for you and I wish you well.

  • Jenxoxo
    Jenxoxo December 26, 2010 at 6:13 pm   

    Jessecro…Totally. During a migraine if I can get someone to put pressure on the back of my head where it meets my neck, I experience some definite relief of pain. Oddly though, sometimes when I get a massage in general, I'll come down with a migraine the next day. It must have something to do with releasing toxins. That's why I think "regular" massage therapy can be an important step in relieving stress, eliminating toxin build up and ultimately preventing certain types of migraines. I prefer deep tissue massage by a skilled professional. Thanks so much for your thoughts and sharing your experiences with us! - Jenxoxo

  • juniejones
    juniejones May 20, 2011 at 8:32 pm   

    I feel so sorry for you. Here are some things you can try. Pineapples or pineapple juice. I know acidic fruit is supposed to be a trigger, but someone told me to try it and it really helps. It contains an anti inflammatory enzyme called bromelain that may help your headache. As far as medication goes, the problem I find is hat none of it works every time. What works for two weeks may not work the next month. Its like the headaches mutate. So I cycle. Sometimes I take two advil and two aspirin with a strong caffeinated drink. Coffee, tea, mountain dew… Sometimes I take two 75 mg of immitrex at the onset of the pain. Other times I take 800 mg of ibuprofen at the first sign of a migraine. I have also added GasX to my arsenal. I did this because I noticed that burping seems to alleviate the pain ( i know it souns crazy) I chew one tablet with my meds. It is helping a lot! Google "migraines and gas" and you will find some interestign research on this topic. They are sayig that migraines are not just a headache. The pain in the head is the dominant symptom and there is definitely a gastric connection. You may already know this. Never let yourself get hungry to a point where your stomach is growling. Do not sleep too little or too much. I find too much sleep is defintiely a trigger. which is a problem, because sleep is sometimes the only relief. I have, however, been aroused from sleep by a temple throbbing. I get cluster migraines. I get two or three a day for a month or two, then no more for severasl months. I hope you find some relief. Also, some people have started adding saudafed to their relief regiment. They say it has antiinflammotory properties. People say they take two teaspoons with OTC meds to help with migrianes. If you go the ER thay may give the shot (i forgot the name of the med) and pure oxygen which is supposed to be helpful for cluster type migraines. I sincerely hope you find soem relief.