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Hi there. I'm new here and thought I would share my experiences and introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I've been having headaches 24 years and migraines for over a decade. I get migraines both with and without aura. I also have had ocular migrsines. I worry about why I have so many varieties of migraines but my Dr. doesn't think it's too unusual. I've had thyroid and MRI's done. I was relying on excedrin migraine for a long time until it caused bleeding ulcers, I was throwing up blood from aspirin so please be careful with that stuff. My Dr. put me on various preventive medications but I am sensitive to side effects. As of now, I take 1000 mg of depakote everyday and it truly does help, although I still get headaches everyday. I take tylenol and caffeine for those. As for when I do get migraines I take fiorecet with codeine, which helps most of the time. I found magnesium, vitamin C, and lecithin seem to help too. Aspercreme heat rubbed on the forehead helps temporarily with pain (I know it sounds strange, but desperate times…) I just found glasses called "theraspecs" online that I ordered, they are supposed to help with migraines. Anyway, I encourage everyone to check out any of my ideas and please give me any suggestions that you might have. I'm in my second year of FMLA at work with a 8 hr work
restriction and am concerned about losing my job if I can't find more effective solutions.

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