15 years of pain

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Hi, I've just joined the group and I'm very happy I did. I'm 21, mother of a one year old little boy and I've been suffering of migraines since I was 5-6 years old. It used to be once a week, specialy at the end of the weekend, I would vomit as a result. As the years went by it got worst, we then went to check my eye sight, I ended up with glasses, but just a few weeks later migraines came back. As a teen they started being more frequent and by the age of 16-17 they were everyday, I could wake up and go to bed with the same migraine for up to 2 months before getting one day without pain. We went to the neurologist and his conclusion was migraine with aura (something) and he noticed one side of my body didn't respond at all to any reflexes and that according to my description of triggers, I should live in a bubble cause everything is a factor. We tried every med possible and it would work for about a week then have no more effect so as of now, I take no treatment what so ever. The symptoms are usually these;

Starts when I wake up with either a massive each-ache as if I had a hangover (I don't drink so it isn't), that's usually lack of sleep, or as a numbness around the right side of my head down to my shoulders. As the day goes on, stabbing occurs on the side of my head near the eyes as well, I start lightly losing eye sight on that same side, nausea and by 9-10 pm, my husband literally has to pick me up from off the floor. I start trembling uncontrollably, have breathing "spasm" like I'll have my breath cut off and hard time getting it back, almost completely lose the eye sight and can occasionally vomit. I've been to the hospital twice for this but I would be there everyday if I could cause it happens so often. It doesn't always get to that level, but is always ranking between 7-8 in pain on a 1 to 10. The only few times I didn't get these for more than a week was on a month trip to Algeria and during my pregnancy it happened only 4 times in 9 months. Anyone have any idea what I could do?!! Cause this just can't go on like this. Thank you! And sorry for the length!

P.S.: I don't know if this is related but I never gain any weight no matter how much I eat. Thanks!

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