When triptans and prevention meds don't work

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What do you do when your allergic to triptans and prevention meds don't work? What other options do I have to treat my migraines? I get 15 or more a month.

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  • Marls77
    Marls77 April 3, 2014 at 3:47 pm   

    Hi im really battling eith preventive meds on Gabo and inderol. Also have botox injections nothing working soI hear you. I have taken toradol but not injections. Are you in Canada?

  • lissa907
    lissa907 March 16, 2014 at 2:08 am   

    Has your physician suggested an alternative? I am not able to take triptans either, so my doctor prescribed toradol injections. They can be hit or miss, depending upon how early I take it, and because it's a very powerful NSAID, I'm limited to two injections a week. A friend of mine takes tramadol for her attacks. Prevention is key. What prevention meds have you tried? Have you taken only one, or a combination? Do you take any vitamin supplements? My prevention regimen consists of topamax, inderal, elavil, prozac, and high doses of magnesium, coq-10, b2, b12, a multivitamin, and folic acid. I also had to take a steady-release hormone birth control. This combination has helped to bring my migraines from 18-23 a month to just 4-5, not quite where I want to be but much more manageable. Good luck and I hope this helps.