Laying down with migraine

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I always hear advice that you should lay down in a dark and quiet room when you have a migraine. The dark and quiet are good but not the part about laying down. Every time I lay down when I have a migraine it gets 10xs worse. The pounding grows to unbearable to keep laying down. and as soon I sit up the intensity of my migraine lowers. So I want to know if anyone else has this problem?

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  • Damnifiknow
    Damnifiknow April 13, 2016 at 12:04 pm   

    I had one last night & took my prescription for migraines, 2 acetominaphin ? and a shower. I just sat in the shower to relax & then went to bed. Sometimes when I have them & lay down, they do get worse, before they get better.
    If you find out any information, please let me know.
    Sorry I couldn't help much.