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The Surprsing Thing That Predicts a Long Life

From psychologytoday.com

As I get older, I find myself being more interested in news stories and research findings related to predicting how long I might live. After all, this is the key piece of information that would help me plan the most strategic and successful retirement, even though I think that…

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Excedrin Migraine Experience lets people 'see' headaches

From nydailynews.com

Seeing is believing. A new migraine simulator lets people who have never endured one of the debilitating headaches get inside a sufferer's head. Excedrin unveiled " The Migraine Experience " on Wednesday, the world's first augmented reality migraine simulator, which bombards the wearer with the blinking lights, floating spots, blurred…

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New Migraine Drugs Are on the Horizon

From wsj.com

Researchers are unlocking some of the mysteries surrounding migraines, raising hopes for a new class of treatments. Millions of patients who experience migraines would benefit from better medicines, researchers say. Drugs taken to treat the debilitating headaches don't work in all patients.

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A Busy Person's Guide to Staying Sane and in Shape

From nytimes.com

Taryn Toomey's 75-minute class - a category-defying blend of bootcamp, yoga and emotional catharsis - is the not-so-secret weapon of New York City's fiterati, including Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington. Toomey began offering classes (invitation by word-of-mouth) in her TriBeCa building's basement in 2011; she officially debuted "the class" (lowercase…

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The Impact Of Migraine On Life Quality And Family (Study)

From inquisitr.com

Health Studies Approximately one out of ten people experience migraine headache, which science has proven is more than a headache. It is an intense and complex cascade of neurotransmitter and vascular symptoms, which usually are preceded by strange feelings or symptoms called an aura.

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Yoga for Headache: Its Time to Roll Out Your Mat

From ndtv.com

Aashna Ahuja , NDTV, Modified: Want to learn how to do yoga for headache? "Stretch, bend, breathe, relax", and scroll down for more. " Headaches are characterised by a feeling of tenseness in the neck, shoulder and scalp whereas migraines are basically pulsating headaches, often on one side of the…

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Marijuana for Your Migraine

From mensjournal.com

From chronic anxiety to seizures, there's a laundry list of ailments medical marijuana is suspected to alleviate. You can add migraine headaches to that list. A new study from the University of Colorado found that marijuana had a significant impact in either preventing or getting rid of migraines in 12…

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6 Ways Your Body (Supposedly) Gets Better With Age

From huffingtonpost.com

An alert reader sent Life in the Boomer Lane an article from Healthy Living, titled "6 Ways Your Body Gets Better With Age." This was five more ways than LBL was aware of.

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