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Dr Gary Quick Poll: Has your partner met your doctor? “What about you and your partner? Are you always in sync on the what and the why and the how…”
Jo Petersen Why do I get migraines? “I am curious about Jenxoxo having found she has a hole in the heart and that was causing her migraines.”
steno4 Sticky Blood Platelets Cause Migraines “Hi everyone. I know this is an old thread, but I'm wondering everyone's current experience with Plavix to treat migraines…”
Crazygirl0078 Caffine “I have caffine migraines not enough caffine all I can drink is dr peppers & coffee to keep from having…”
woebegone Cambia “Wow that is expensive! Do you live in the US where you could apply for assistance in paying for this…”

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